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Perfect Wedding Dream

For most of us that do, planning the perfect wedding event can seem like an insurmountable task. There are so very many details and loose ends that need to be considered and taken care of prior to the day that even knowing where to start can be daunting.

Arguably, if there is one aspect of your wedding that has the potential to influence and factor in every other decision you make, it is the wedding venue. And whether you are looking for New South Wales, Northern Territory, or Central Coast wedding venues, it is vital that you make the most informed decision possible.

Linton Gardens houses one of Australia Most Significant Gardens in particular the gardens has of the countries most important collections of Camellias with plantings going over the century Linton Gardens has been the home to Camellia Breeders for most of this time with varieties such as “Brushfield Yellow”,” Alexander Hunter” and “Edith Linton” bred in the early years

Here is an outline of the most fundamental aspects of wedding venue choice:

  • Location, Location, Location: Whether you hold a ceremony on the site or simply opt for a post-wedding banquet, the location of your chosen venue must be carefully considered. For example, take into account the relative distance to the city or municipalities that your guests are coming from. Of course, ease of access is not the only factor to consider, there is also the state of the grounds, the views, and the expected weather. However, the perfect combination of these factors will ultimately vary depending on the individual whims and preferences of the groom and bride.
  • Size: No matter if you expect a large crowd or are planning a small and intimate ceremony, you do not want your guests to feel crowded. Ideally, the perfect wedding venue will have plenty of interior and exterior spaces with enough size to comfortably accommodate every last one of your guests. Due to the local climate, Central Coast wedding venues are world renowned for having expansive grounds and lush outdoor gardens which are perfect for large spring and summer weddings.
  • Gastronomic Quality: One common thread among great weddings of all types and sizes is their ability to provide the various guests with a memorable culinary experience. If you want an exceptional wedding, you must take care to cover all aspects of the event, and thus the venue’s food and drink offerings have to be considered. Opt for wedding venues with proven and reputable culinary credentials.
  • Variety of Services: The more options and available variables that your chosen wedding venue offers, more straightforward and less demanding that planning your dream wedding will be. Many wedding venues excel at one thing and one thing only. Some places have spectacular views, but poor service, other venues have great food, but dilapidated facilities, others offers great decor but are located in difficult to access spots. Look for sites that have it all in the bag for the best results.

Linton Gardens wedding function center located on Australia’s famed central coast is just the place. With an established reputation for excellence in service and value, our friendly and professional staff is ready to answer all your questions and facilitate your journey on the challenges of planning the perfect wedding.

The Newley established Marquee can Cater for over 200 seated guests, Linton gardens offers a 6 Acres of Heritage listed Camelia Gardens, and a Quaint  Historic Chapel and 3 State of the Arts Different Sizes Functions Rooms

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