Tips to Keep Your Marriages Fun

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I like to think of marriage as an investment, not in a monetary sense, but rather in human values. Marriage is an exploration of family, of the fascinatingly complex humanistic experience.

But, frequently, when exploring these rewarding experiences, for one reason or another, we fall into a rut. And in marriage, these ruts are dangerous because they often lead to routine, and routine almost invariably begets boredom.

And boredom, which is in truth a defense mechanism, deprives us of the ability to take care of our loved ones and foster their lives. In fact, unchallenged boredom can, and most likely will, destroy your family life, rob you of happiness and deprive you of a trove of treasures.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

Allow us to suggest you some strategies to fight boredom in marriage, making it fun instead, just as it was in the beginning when everything was new, beautiful and exciting.

Change your point of view

Right now you might be seeing your marriage as a chore, something made of repetitions, which force you to see the same thing over and over again. But this is just one way of seeing it. So change your point of view! What you now perceive as boredom and routine can be looked at as a continuous sense of security, a sense of safety made of love and consideration.

Do new things together

This is a must. Do the things you two used to do before marriage and stopped doing. Visit again, those places you used to walk through with tightly laced hands. Do new things, break old habits, be spontaneous: Turn off the TV, get off of the couch and hit the beach on a breezy night.

Do new things by yourself

If you are well, everything is well. Find a project that engages your cognitive abilities, a new hobby: maybe experimenting with painting, or homemade carpentry, or learning to play a musical instrument. A project like this will use your hands, intellect and attention, giving back satisfaction and fulfillment. Maybe the boredom wasn´t in your marriage, but just in your lack of interior renovation.

Don´t miss the forest for the trees

Remember, there was a reason or a bunch of them, you chose that person for a permanent bond. There are excellent chances those reasons are still valid, still there, despite, or perhaps because of, going through life´s struggles and difficulties. Remember those reasons; consider their values, evoke their worth. Discover again, what made you crazy about them in the first place.

Get Married Again!

Surprise your spouse with a marriage vow renewal ceremony! Or, even better, plan it together. Find a beautiful, romantic, place; hire the best staff to organize the event, and get together your family, friends, and loved ones.

Here at Linton Gardens, in the Central Coast of New South Wales, we´ll be delighted to help you fulfill that dream. We´ll get all our extensive experience and resources to work for you and your spouse assisting in your goal to make your marriage, and life, fun again.

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