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Small Venue for Central Coast Weddings

In a post-Covid environment, smaller weddings on the Central Coast have become an increasingly stylish and affordable option for many brides and grooms. Linton Gardens offers multiple spaces that are perfect for a more boutique celebration.

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The cosy, intimacy of small weddings means that you can have a truly beautiful expression of your love for each other, in front of the people that mean the most to you. Rather than gathering 200 of your “nearest and dearest” together for your wedding day, you’ll be free to invest your money in creating an extraordinary celebration.

How to Choose your Central Coast Wedding Venue

Linton Gardens offers unique spaces that cater perfectly to a small wedding and they have everything you need in one place.

Our outdoor locations include extensive gardens which feature a picturesque, tree-lined driveway, manicured lawns, palm trees and floral garden beds.  Our marquee is set within the gardens and is a romantic option for your small wedding.

Of course every wedding, no matter the size, will need food, a bar, staff, some décor, and entertainment, so you’ll need to keep those basics in mind as you’re making plans.

Linton Gardens offers a dedicated wedding consultant who will liaise with you as your wedding planner and handle the wedding day coordination to facilitate the flow of the day, leaving you free to mingle with your guests.

It’s also important to emphasise the quality of service and food, which is a top priority for the staff at Linton Gardens. We’re renowned for being a wedding leader on the Central Coast.

Create an intimate wedding space

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Smaller weddings can feel intimate as well as fun. With a smaller group, you can host each part of the celebration in a different area, like an indoor/outdoor lounge, bars and food stations.

A popular seating option is to provide one long table, as if you were hosting a beautiful dinner party in your home!

Your Linton Gardens wedding coordinator will work with you to create the most intimate table setting.

Maximise your wedding budget

And finally, with fewer guests your budget will go further! You can use the extra funds to really enhance the evening to create an intimate affair in a place that is meaningful to you.

Contact us today to discuss the options for your small Central Coast wedding.

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