Perfect Wedding Day Photography at Linton Gardens

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Linton Gardens Offers One of The Best Central Coast Wedding Day Photography

Your wedding day on the Central Coast is one you’ll never forget, and the photos taken on the day will bring you joy for the rest of your life. Whether you choose more formal photos or a reportage, natural style (or a combination of both), the memories will live forever.

Linton Gardens provides a multitude of special wedding locations, all located within the extensive property. There’s numerous photo opportunities that enable a spectacular background for your perfect wedding day photos.

The 5 acres of heritage listed gardens offer abundant photo opportunities. You can pose in front of the rose bushes or the lovingly tended garden beds with their abundant foliage, or simply relax under the stunning palm trees.

Imagine your photographer capturing you as you as you wander hand in hand along the majestic tree lined driveway, with dappled sunlight streaming through the abundant leaves. Your photographer will be capturing you, and nature, at its best.

The manicured lawns are perfect for a fun game of croquet and will enable your photographer to capture your relaxed and joyous occasion.

The historic church located within Linton Gardens is a quaint and romantic backdrop for photos; whether you pose in front of the charming wooden doors as floral confetti rains down upon you, or outside against the charming weatherboard, or inside where soaring vaulted ceilings capture the elegance and grace of a bygone era.

And whether you choose your reception to be held in the function room with its floor to ceiling windows and the impressive chandelier above the dance floor, or in the romantic garden marquee, your photos are sure to be magical.

Some tips for perfect wedding day photos:

  1. Ask your photographer to take formal and reportage, natural shots.
  2. Ensure there’s a mix of colour and black and white images
  3. Create a shot list so you don’t miss any important people or preferred locations
  4. Nominate one person to be in charge of corralling family members for official photos
  5. Investigate local sites for alternative backdrops, like the beach
  6. Have a photo taken at your favourite local cafe, so that each time you return, it brings back happy memories of your wedding day!

The team at Linton Gardens will help you plan your perfect Central Coast wedding.

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