Tips for Choosing a Wedding Present

Wedding gift

Traditionally, wedding presents were intended to help the newly married couple set up a home together, they still serve the same purpose for many couples. If the couple has been living together for some time or it is a second wedding for one or both parties, choose your present accordingly rather than something practical, which they may already have, you might choose a luxury item or something ornamental. Many bridal couples indicate on their Wedding invitation that, instead of presents, guests may contribute money via a wishing tree, which allows the purchase of a large household item, such as a home entertainment system or white goods.

Why its best to use a wedding gift registry

For first timers, a wedding gift registry is probably the most sensible way to ensure that guests do not double up and that the bride and groom do not receive a dinner service in a style they hate. Most department stores—ranging from David jones to Kmart—have ready-made lists and/or a wedding gift registry service available for prospective brides and grooms.

If the couple has already chosen the style, colour or pattern of any element in their first home, then it helps everyone if their tastes and needs are known. Where you can be specific about brand name, colour and style then do so but make sure there is a range of gifts to suit all pockets.

It is acceptable for guests to pool their resources to buy an expensive item that they would otherwise be unable to afford generally, only one gift is given per family.

Where can I find a Wedding Gift Registry?

Wedding registries are also available through the internet: is an online service that allows couples to compile a wedding list from a range of products shown on the website. Wedding guests can contribute to gifts on this site. If you have received an invitation to a wedding, you should send a present even if you are unable to attend. Do not take the present to the reception if you can avoid doing so, but before the wedding day send it to the bride’s home, whether you are a friend of hers or of the grooms.

Presents are still frequently displayed, although doing so at the reception creates a lot of extra Work. It is often easier to display them in a private home. If cheques have been sent, then only the envelopes and cards should be displayed, marked ‘cheque’, and not the cheques themselves or the amounts.

A little Wedding Present Tip

Make sure that gift cards are firmly attached to the presents so that it is easy to identify who sent the gift when the time comes to send thank-you notes.

Alternatively, today many couples prefer to hold a post-wedding breakfast at the home of the bride’s or groom’s parents, at which time the presents are opened. This is particularly convenient if there are a lot of overseas or interstate guests who you would like to spend more time with.

Sometimes Cash is a better option

Want to ask for cold, hard cash? It’s not as embarrassing an option as you might think. You might like to consider opening up a bank account and asking your guests to contribute directly to it. You can put the account details on your wedding list. Any cash gifts you receive can then perhaps be put towards a deposit on a home, contribute to the cost of a new car, or maybe there’s a large item of furniture you’d like to buy.

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