Wedding Trends for 2019

Wedding Trends for 2019

Wedding Trends for 2019

We see fashion trends everywhere, they come and go, fast and flashy, they bring a sense of newness and leave a desire for the next great thing.

Weddings are not strangers to fashion, and how a wedding´s image is designed is of paramount importance given that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event. A wedding is a unique event simply because the couple involved is unique and the wedding should highlight that uniqueness.

A great wedding done right should be one to remain in the memories and hearts of all present long after the last toast. At Linton Gardens, in New South Wales, we specialize in creating unforgettable wedding ceremonies designed around the most beautiful fashion trends that will surely provide enduring lifelong memories.

In the coming months of 2019, there are a few things to watch for in wedding trends.

  • Tense, dark colour palettes, to contrast with the romanticism of flowers, soft textures and bright, happy photographs.
  • Classic is always new. Sometimes a fashion trend is eternal and never goes out of style: traditional silver candlesticks, crystal stemware, and monogrammed linen.
  • Wedding cakes with a bang. This year, bold cakes, making a loud statement about what the happy couple wants to say are one of the significant trends around.
  • Royalty inspired flower décor. A big and daring flower arrangement surrounding doors, for example, will be a definite hit.
  • Vellum accents for invitations and place cards, calligraphies or painted with original and appropriate art.
  • Changes in the wedding set-up. We are seeing the traditional linear set-up evolving to other arrangements like the round ceremony with newlyweds at the centre.
  • Colourful balloon designs covering walls, columns and chairs, giving the ambience a feeling of celebration like no other thing can do.
  • For summer weddings the strong fashion will be coral, pinky-orange colours in flowers, dresses and makeups.
  • Velvet, in season adequate colours, is elegant, regal, and luxurious. This is another enduring classic.
  • Unusual flower arrangements using wheat and pampas grass to give an overall different mood to your wedding.
  • Handwritten, personalized, place cards, are a delicate note to the tables.
  • Artists’ illustrations. This is a big and sophisticated trend this year, the use of custom produced art in invitation cards, linen napkins, wedding backdrops, mementos.
  • Self-assembled welcome bags in special assembly stations as part of the newlyweds’ gift for their guests.
  • Eco-friendly weddings for conscious couples, intent on sending an ethical message in their most important day.
  • Outdoor weddings with an indoor feel to them brought about by a set-up décor resembling a cozy and comfortable living or dining room.
  • Minimalistic, clean, décor style, based on a limited color palette with simple, artistic, flower arrangements, and wood textures.
  • But minimalism is active not only in décor but also in bride wedding dresses with simple, elegant, lines and styles.
  • And for grooms clear-cut, sleek, three piece suits.
  • Statement lighting displays that go beyond the simple string bulbs, based on distinctive lanterns in creative set-ups.
  • Scents for a romantic atmosphere through scented candles with even the possibility of a favorable, custom made scent.

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