Central Coast Wedding

Do you dream of a perfect wedding?

For most of us that do, planning the perfect wedding event can seem like an insurmountable task. There are so very many details and loose ends that need to be considered and taken care of prior to the day that even knowing where to start can be daunting.

Arguably, if there is one aspect of your wedding that has the potential to influence and factor into every other decision you make, it is the wedding venue. And whether you are looking for New South Wales, Northern Territory, or Central Coast wedding venues, it is vital that you make the most informed decision possible.

Linton Gardens houses one of Australia Most Significant Gardens in particular the gardens has of the countries most important collections of Camellias with plantings going over the century Linton Gardens has been the home to Camellia Breeders for most of this time with varieties such as “Brushfield Yellow”,” Alexander Hunter” and “Edith Linton” bred in the early years

Here is an outline of the most fundamental aspects of wedding venue choice:

  • Location, Location, Location: Whether you hold a ceremony on site or simply opt for a post-wedding banquet, the location of your chosen venue must be carefully considered. For example, take into account the relative distance to the city or municipalities that your guests are coming from. Of course, ease of access is not the only factor to consider, there is also the state of the grounds, the views, and the expected weather. However, the perfect combination of these factors will ultimately vary depending on the individual whims and preferences of the groom and bride.
  • Size: No matter if you expect a large crowd or are planning a small and intimate ceremony, you do not want your guests to feel crowded. Ideally, the perfect wedding venue will have plenty of interior and exterior spaces with enough size to comfortably accommodate every last one of your guests. Due to the local climate, Central Coast wedding venues are world renowned for having expansive grounds and lush outdoor gardens which are perfect for large spring and summer weddings.
  • Gastronomic Quality: One common thread among great weddings of all types and sizes is their ability to provide the various guests with a memorable culinary experience. If you want an exceptional wedding, you must take care to cover all aspects of the event, and thus the venue’s food and drink offerings have to be considered. Opt for wedding venues with proven and reputable culinary credentials.
  • Variety of Services: The more options and available variables that your chosen wedding venue offers, the more straightforward and less demanding that planning your dream wedding will be. Many wedding venues excel at one thing and one thing only. Some places have spectacular views but poor service, other venues have great food but dilapidated facilities, others offer great decor but are located in difficult to access spots. Look for sites that have it all in the bag for the best results.

Linton Gardens wedding function centre located on Australia’s famed central coast is just the place. With an established reputation for excellence in service and value, our friendly and professional staff is ready to answer all your questions and facilitate your journey on the challenges of planning the perfect wedding.

The Newley established Marquee can Cater for over 200 seated guest , Linton gardens offers a 6 Acres of Heritage listed Camelia Gardens, and a Quaint  Historic Chapel and 3 State of the Arts Different Sizes Functions Rooms

Fun marriages

Tips to Keep Your Marriages Fun


Fun marriages

I like to think of marriage as an investment, not in a monetary sense, but rather in human values. Marriage is an exploration of family, of the fascinatingly complex humanistic experience.

But, frequently, when exploring these rewarding experiences, for one reason or another, we fall into a rut. And in marriage, these ruts are dangerous because they often lead to routine, and routine almost invariably begets boredom.

And boredom, which is in truth a defense mechanism, deprives us of the ability to take care of our loved ones and foster their lives. In fact, unchallenged boredom can, and most likely will, destroy your family life, rob you of happiness and deprive you of a trove of treasures.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

Allow us to suggest to you some strategies to fight boredom in marriage, making it fun instead, just as it was in the beginning when everything was new, beautiful and exciting.

Change your point of view

Right now you might be seeing your marriage as a chore, something made of repetitions, which force you to see the same thing over and over again. But this is just one way of seeing it. So change your point of view! What you now perceive as boredom and routine can be looked at as a continuous sense of security, a sense of safety made of love and consideration.

Do new things together

This is a must. Do the things you two used to do before marriage and stopped doing. Visit again those places you used to walk through with tightly laced hands. Do new things, break old habits, be spontaneous: Turn off the TV, get off of the couch and hit the beach on a breezy night.

Do new things by yourself

If you are well everything is well. Find a project that engages your cognitive abilities, a new hobby: maybe experimenting with painting, or homemade carpentry, or learning to play a musical instrument. A project like this will use your hands, intellect and attention, giving back satisfaction and fulfillment. Maybe the boredom wasn´t in your marriage, but just in your lack of interior renovation.

Don´t miss the forest for the trees

Remember, there was a reason or a bunch of them, you chose that person for a permanent bond. There are excellent chances those reasons are still valid, still there despite, or perhaps because of, going through life´s struggles and difficulties. Remember those reasons; consider their values, evoke their worth. Discover again what made you crazy about them in the first place.

Get Married Again!

Surprise your spouse with a marriage vow renewal ceremony! Or, even better, plan it together. Find a beautiful, romantic, place; hire the best staff to organize the event, and get together your family, friends, and loved ones.

Here at Linton Gardens, in the Central Coast of New South Wales, we´ll be delighted to help you fulfill that dream. We´ll get all our extensive experience and resources to work for you and your spouse assisting in your goal to make your marriage, and life, fun again.

christmas in july

Christmas in July 2019


Linton Gardens 2019

The staff at Linton Gardens would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family to come and join us for Christmas in July in the beautiful surroundings of Camilla Gardens.
Every year our chef cooks up a feast that will bring you back year after year, so come join us for what the locals call the “Luncheon of the Year”



Honey Roasted Pumpkin soup

Presented to your table in large soup tureens

And served by the table host/ess

Freshly Oven-Baked Bread Rolls

Main Meal

Roast Chicken Breast & Honey Baked Ham

With Roast Potato, Kumara & Pumpkin

Peas & Gravy


Traditional Christmas Pudding

with Brandy custard



with fresh fruit and cream

Freshly Brewed Tea & Coffee

3-Hours Entertainment

Linton Gardens

02 4372 1444

611 Wisemans Ferry Road, Somersby

info@www.lintongardens.com.au             www.lintongardens.com.au   


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melbourne cup lunch

Melbourne Cup Luncheon 2019

Melbourne Cup Luncheon at Linton Gardens
Tuesday 5th November 2019

“Champagne cocktail upon arrival” 11.00am
Silver Selection Menu
Select Two from Each Course, to be served alternatively
Freshly baked bread roll and butter for each of your guests


Sirloin Béarnaise or pepper
Grain fed sirloin slow roasted and topped with traditional French tarragon sauce or the traditional brandy & pepper cream sauce

Chicken supreme Pompadour
Chicken breast topped with orange and grand mariner sesame seed glaze

Mermaid Delight
Oven baked seasonal fish fillet and shrimps topped with lemon and parsley mornay sauce

Hunter Lamb
Braised leg of lamb in a rich red wine, black pepper, cranberry and mint sauce

Pork archduke
Pork loin topped with creamy mushroom and port sauce and served with Caramelized apple ring

Chicken tarragon
Chicken breast served with traditional French Dijon mustard and tarragon cream sauce

Magic Mushroom
Large field mushroom filled with fried red onion ,ground pork and beef and topped with Provencale sauce


Sticky Date Pudding
Traditional Sticky pudding smothered with home made butterscotch sauce

Cheesecake of the Day
Flavour of your choice (Chocolate, Passionfruit, Raspberry, Mango, Cookie and Cream, Caramel )served with Chantilly Cream Raspberry Coulis

Large Wedges of traditional meringue served with lashing of fresh cream and seasonal fruit

Chocolate Profiteroles
Choux pastry filled with grand Mariner Crème patisserie and topped with rich chocolate sauce

Light Italian Dessert of mascarpone Crème cheese and sponge finger soak in Coffee Liquor

Fresh Fruit and Ice Cream
Seasonal fresh fruit served with a scoop of ice cream

Chocolate Mud Cake
Lovely wedges of rich chocolate mud cake served with Chantilly cream and Raspberry Coulis

Apple and Almond Strudel
Cinnamon, Sultana and almond-infused apple wrapped in filo pastry served with Chantilly Cream

Raspberry and Apple Crumble
Individual old fashion apple and raspberry crumble served with cinnamon-infused Chantilly cream
or select 3 courses at $45.00pp for a Group

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couple kissing

Wedding Trends for 2019

We see fashion trends everywhere, they come and go, fast and flashy, they bring a sense of newness and leave a desire for the next great thing.

Weddings are not strangers to fashion, and how a wedding´s image is designed is of paramount importance given that a wedding is a once in a lifetime event. A wedding is a unique event simply because the couple involved is unique and the wedding should highlight that uniqueness.

A great wedding done right should be one to remain in the memories and hearts of all present long after the last toast. At Linton Gardens, in New South Wales, we specialise in creating unforgettable wedding ceremonies designed around the most beautiful fashion trends that will surely provide enduring life-long memories.

In the coming months of 2019, there are a few things to watch for in wedding trends.

  • Tense, dark colour palettes, to contrast with the romanticism of flowers, soft textures and bright, happy photographs.
  • Classic is always new. Sometimes a fashion trend is eternal and never goes out of style: traditional silver candlesticks, crystal stemware, and monogrammed linen.
  • Wedding cakes with a bang. This year, bold cakes making a loud statement about what the happy couple wants to say are one of the significant trends around.
  • Royalty inspired flower décor. A big and daring flower arrangement surrounding doors, for example, will be a definite hit.
  • Vellum accents for invitations and place cards, calligraphies or painted with original and appropriate art.
  • Changes in the wedding set-up. We are seeing the traditional linear set-up evolving to other arrangements like the round ceremony with newlyweds at the centre.
  • Colourful balloon designs covering walls, columns and chairs, giving the ambience a feel of celebration like no other thing can do.
  • For summer weddings the strong fashion will be coral, pinky-orange colours in flowers, dresses and makeups.
  • Velvet, in season adequate colours, is elegant, regal, and luxurious. This is another enduring classic.
  • Unusual flower arrangements using wheat and pampas grass to give an overall different mood to your wedding.
  • Handwritten, personalised, place cards, are a delicate note to the tables.
  • Artists’ illustrations. This is a big and sophisticated trend this year, the use of custom produced art in invitation cards, linen napkins, wedding backdrops, mementos.
  • Self-assembled welcome bags in special assembly stations as part of the newlyweds’ gift for their guests.
  • Eco-friendly weddings for conscious couples, intent on sending an ethical message in their most important day.
  • Outdoor weddings with an indoor feel to them brought about by a set-up décor resembling a cozy and comfortable living or dining room.
  • Minimalistic, clean, décor style, based on a limited colour palette with simple, artistic, flower arrangements, and wood textures.
  • But minimalism is active not only in décor but also in bride wedding dresses with simple, elegant, lines and styles.
  • And for grooms clear-cut, sleek, three pieces suits.
  • Statement lighting displays that go beyond the simple string bulbs, based on distinctive lanterns in creative set-ups.
  • Scents for a romantic atmosphere through scented candles with even the possibility for a favourite, custom made scent.
same sex weddings

Tips for Planning a Same-Sex Wedding

In a historic decision, one that has the potential to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, The Australian Parliament recently approved a bill that finally legalises marriage unions between people of the same sex.

So if you and your significant other want to take advantage of this momentous time in history and celebrate your love for each other in a union of marriage, now is the time. And that means you are going to have to plan a wedding!

Organising a same-sex wedding can be a truly liberating experience, but it will require the same meticulous attention to detail and control like every other type of celebration. Here are some pointers to help you plan the perfect gay wedding.

  • Forego conventions: Planning a same-sex marriage has one HUGE advantage over more traditional unions, and that is that you can completely forget about social conventions if you so choose. Take advantage of this fact, channel limitless creativity, and celebrate EXACTLY how you wish.
  • Don’t rush: Same-sex marriages have been a long time coming. You are about to embark on a journey which was impossible until very recently, there is no need to rush it! Make a detailed list of everything that needs to be taken care of, get some loved ones on board, and complete each item with care. By the time you are done, the PERFECT wedding will be just around the corner.
  • Pick a Gay-friendly venue: Unfortunately, many places are still severely behind the times when it comes to compassion and acceptance. Choose a destination that allows you and your loved one to celebrate with pride.

Here at Linton Gardens in the Central Coast of New South Wales, we offer you just such a place. Rated as the #1 Winner for the Brides Choice Award 2017, we firmly believe in the importance of equality and inclusion and have complete confidence that we are the perfect place in which to celebrate your love in peace and harmony. Our tranquil gardens are the ideal spot for your picture perfect wedding, and the level of extraordinary service we provide is unrivalled in the industry.

Give us a call and ask about our various package options, such as our Elopement package, Silver wedding package, Diamond cocktail package, and the exquisite and all-inclusive Platinum package. We also offer comprehensive beverage packages and a multitude of menu options to make sure that, whatever your needs may be, here at Linton Gardens we have the solution.