Floral Tips for your wedding in the Central Coast

Before you even talk to a florist, think about your wedding. Does it have a theme? Colour schemes? Does either partner have a strong affinity for a particular flower? It helps to have a few ideas before approaching a florist. Then you can tell them what you want, instead of the florist telling you what you want.


Flowers are an important feature of most weddings. Not only are they used as room and table decorations, they are what the bride and bridesmaids carry when they walk down the aisle, and they are also worn on the lapel of each male wedding attendant, as well as the fathers of the bride and groom. Here are just a few things to consider before purchasing all your floral accessories.


Some floral tips

Decide what you need: a bouquet for the bride, at buttonhole or boutonniere for all male attendants, and a corsage for both mothers. You could also give the chief bridesmaid and bridesmaids a bouquet that is similar to but smaller and simpler than yours. If you have a flower girl, you may want to have a garland of flowers made for her hair. Lastly, any VIPs, musicians, and other wedding performers will look better with a single wedding flower on his or her collar.

What Floral Accessories should I use?

Generally, your floral accessories should be the same flowers (or herbs, or plants, or whatever else you’re using) as those you are using to decorate the venue. While most couples tend to rely on the same florist to create both the room decorations and the Wardrobe accessories, it isn’t uncommon to employ a special florist to arrange the bouquet, buttonholes, and any other floral wardrobe accessories. This includes creating corsages for the mothers, and floral garlands for the bride’s, bridesmaids’, or flower girl’s hair.


Do not use flowers that you, your partner, or someone in your wedding party is allergic to. Before deciding on any blooms, contact your attendants and other wedding party members and ask what, if anything, makes them sneeze.



When it comes to decorating your wedding party and your wedding space, flowers from a florist aren’t your only option. Here’s what else you could do:

If you’re lucky enough to have a flower stall at your local market, ask the florist what it would cost for enough flowers for your wedding and reception site, and your wedding party. Of course, you or a friend will be responsible for turning these flowers into gorgeous decorations, but many of the posies grown by flower farmers are so outstanding that it will take little work to make the blooms look good.

Consider growing the flowers needed. The great thing about this option is you can plant some of the more dramatic, harder-to-find blooms. Just be sure that they will be blossoming in time for your wedding!

If you yourself aren’t able to grow flowers for your wedding day — perhaps you don’t have a garden — ask friends and relatives who do have access to large gardens or allotments to plant and grow a variety of wild and meadow flowers. Don’t be tempted to pick wildflowers in the countryside though as this can carry a hefty fine.


 Wildflowers can make a simple yet elegant statement. However, most wilt more quickly than cultivated blooms.

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Present

Traditionally, wedding presents were intended to help the newly married couple set up a home together, they still serve the same purpose for many couples. If the couple has been living together for some time or it is a second wedding for one or both parties, choose your present accordingly rather than something practical, which they may already have, you might choose a luxury item or something ornamental. Many bridal couples indicate on their Wedding invitation that, instead of presents, guests may contribute money via a wishing tree, which allows the purchase of a large household item, such as a home entertainment system or white goods.

Why its best to use a wedding gift registry

For first timers, a wedding gift registry is probably the most sensible way to ensure that guests do not double up and that the bride and groom do not receive a dinner service in a style they hate. Most department stores—ranging from David jones to Kmart—have ready-made lists and/or a wedding gift registry service available for prospective brides and grooms.

If the couple has already chosen the style, colour or pattern of any element in their first home, then it helps everyone if their tastes and needs are known. Where you can be specific about brand name, colour and style then do so but make sure there is a range of gifts to suit all pockets.

It is acceptable for guests to pool their resources to buy an expensive item that they would otherwise be unable to afford generally, only one gift is given per family.

Where can I find a Wedding Gift Registry?

Wedding registries are also available through the internet:

www.mygiftregistry.com.au is an online service that allows couples to compile a wedding list from a range of products shown on the website. Wedding guests can contribute to gifts on this site. If you have received an invitation to a wedding, you should send a present even if you are unable to attend. Do not take the present to the reception if you can avoid doing so, but before the wedding day send it to the bride’s home, whether you are a friend of hers or of the grooms.

Presents are still frequently displayed, although doing so at the reception creates a lot of extra Work. It is often easier to display them in a private home. If cheques have been sent, then only the envelopes and cards should be displayed, marked ‘cheque’, and not the cheques themselves or the amounts.

A little Wedding Present Tip

Make sure that gift cards are firmly attached to the presents so that it is easy to identify who sent the gift when the time comes to send thank-you notes.

Alternatively, today many couples prefer to hold a post-wedding breakfast at the home of the bride’s or groom’s parents, at which time the presents are opened. This is particularly convenient if there are a lot of overseas or interstate guests who you would like to spend more time with.

Sometimes Cash is a better option

Want to ask for cold, hard cash? It’s not as embarrassing an option as you might think. You might like to consider opening up a bank account and asking your guests to contribute directly to it. You can put the account details on your wedding list. Any cash gifts you receive can then perhaps be put towards a deposit on a home, contribute to the cost of a new car, or maybe there’s a large item of furniture you’d like to buy.

Tips for Organizing A Marquee Wedding.

Marquee weddings can give you a lot of flexibility in deciding where you want your reception and the style you want it to be.  Becoming increasingly popular, hosting your wedding in a marquee allows you the freedom to be creative and produce the best of both worlds – a cosy environment decorated in your style, whilst saving you money.

Time of the Year

At the Central Coast, you can expect warm, humid summers and mild winters with rainfall being fairly predictable.

Even if you are having a January reception on a balmy summer’s night, it’s best to be prepared in the event of rain!

At Linton gardens our marquee is purpose-built over a large concrete slab, to ensure that even the highest of heels are well catered for, and not affected by the weather in the event of rain!

We can cater for up to 200 guests in one of the largest marquees on the Central Coast.

What is a Marquee Wedding?

Dreamy Decor

The beauty of marquees is the ability to create unique spaces that suit your wedding and personal style. With so much height to play within a marquee, you can use the ceilings to create a unique look and a dramatic entrance for your guests. We offer 4 chandeliers fitted to the ceiling. Our marquee can also be decorated using hanging lanterns, buntings, elegant crystals, floral creations or simple drapes. Contact us today, to discuss your requirements.  It’s a great opportunity to get creative and play around with styles!

Food/Drink Catering

At Linton Gardens, we can provide cocktail style, buffet, or 3 course sit down menu. We offer catering packages, or we can create a custom menu for you. We also cater to your beverage needs with many drink options available.

If you would like to work with 3rd party catering services, we can accommodate your requirements, just call to discuss what you need.  Our executive European chef with 35 years of experience, exceptional event organisers and friendly wait staff will bring your dream day to reality. Linton Gardens will step you through making the choice for the ideal menu and take care of coordination on the day to ensure that


We have many options for venue styling, we provide a range of table sizes, seating arrangements, black/white linens, glasses, cutlery and


We can set the bride/cake tables with drapery and fairy lights, and a choice of 4 chandeliers. Contact us to discuss styling options today.

Professional Wedding Venue

In recent years there has been a noticeable resurgence in couples choosing to get married outdoors and in closer contact with nature. Whether in a residential garden, a countryside estate, or a beautiful professional wedding venue with green areas, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning an outdoor event of this magnitude.

Linton Gardens stands out among Central Coast Wedding Venues, we offer our ample experience and expertise in planning lush outdoor weddings.

Here are 9 MUST-KNOW tips:

  • Choosing to hold an outdoor wedding means placing yourself at the mercy of the weather, especially when weddings have to be planned out so far out in advance of the actual date. Whether it is a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter wedding, make sure your chosen venue is equipped with roofed areas and that it has a supply of emergency tents or awnings available.
  • If you choose to hold the ceremony or reception in an outdoors location, remember to take into consideration the types of terrain that your guests will be walking on. Women in high heels make a terrible match for soft grass. So, make sure to request some type of platform or temporary flooring if your chosen venue does not already possess something of the like.
  • One common mistake we’ve seen at outdoor weddings is the decision to feature centerpieces or floral arrangements that are exceedingly tall. Outdoors the wind can pick up at a moment’s notice so plan accordingly. If your decor is too tall, you run the risk of a wayward gale knocking it down.
  • Outdoor weddings present the perfect opportunity to make bold choices and take a step outside of tradition. Offering your guests an exciting menu, for example, is the ideal way to create a memorable experience. Choose a wedding venue that can provide you with a delicious culinary experience. Remember that the best menus are based on fresh, natural ingredients and local produce.
  • Most Central Coast wedding venues are highly accessible, and Linton Gardens is undoubtedly no exception. However, it is essential that you consider how accessible your chosen wedding venue is. If you select a location that is well outside of the city, consider providing your guests with a form of complimentary transportation service. Providing directions to your venue for your guests can also be a great way to make sure your guests can find the location!
  • Related to the previous tip, take a moment to consider your chosen venue’s infrastructure, such as bathrooms, running water, parking etc. You would not believe how many horror stories we have heard over the years about wedding venues that were not equipped to handle large groups of guests.
  • Whenever possible, use local suppliers for all your needs. This helps your local economy and is one extremely effective method of saving money. If you purchase an all-inclusive package, then inquire about this point.
  • As a bride you will want to look stunning, so make sure to plan your hairstyle and makeup according to the occasion. The outdoors presents stylists and makeup artists with a whole different set of challenges that they might be used to, so have a talk with them beforehand and plan accordingly.
  • The whole point of an outdoor ceremony and/or reception is to be closer to nature, so do not hesitate to incorporate nature into the event’s design. Everything from the decorations, to the food, to the music, to the bridesmaids’ dresses can, and should, take inspiration from the outdoors.

Do you dream of a perfect wedding?

For most of us that do, planning the perfect wedding event can seem like an insurmountable task. There are so very many details and loose ends that need to be considered and taken care of prior to the day that even knowing where to start can be daunting.

Arguably, if there is one aspect of your wedding that has the potential to influence and factor in every other decision you make, it is the wedding venue. And whether you are looking for New South Wales, Northern Territory, or Central Coast wedding venues, it is vital that you make the most informed decision possible.

Linton Gardens houses one of Australia Most Significant Gardens in particular the gardens has of the countries most important collections of Camellias with plantings going over the century Linton Gardens has been the home to Camellia Breeders for most of this time with varieties such as “Brushfield Yellow”,” Alexander Hunter” and “Edith Linton” bred in the early years

Here is an outline of the most fundamental aspects of wedding venue choice:

  • Location, Location, Location: Whether you hold a ceremony on the site or simply opt for a post-wedding banquet, the location of your chosen venue must be carefully considered. For example, take into account the relative distance to the city or municipalities that your guests are coming from. Of course, ease of access is not the only factor to consider, there is also the state of the grounds, the views, and the expected weather. However, the perfect combination of these factors will ultimately vary depending on the individual whims and preferences of the groom and bride.
  • Size: No matter if you expect a large crowd or are planning a small and intimate ceremony, you do not want your guests to feel crowded. Ideally, the perfect wedding venue will have plenty of interior and exterior spaces with enough size to comfortably accommodate every last one of your guests. Due to the local climate, Central Coast wedding venues are world renowned for having expansive grounds and lush outdoor gardens which are perfect for large spring and summer weddings.
  • Gastronomic Quality: One common thread among great weddings of all types and sizes is their ability to provide the various guests with a memorable culinary experience. If you want an exceptional wedding, you must take care to cover all aspects of the event, and thus the venue’s food and drink offerings have to be considered. Opt for wedding venues with proven and reputable culinary credentials.
  • Variety of Services: The more options and available variables that your chosen wedding venue offers, more straightforward and less demanding that planning your dream wedding will be. Many wedding venues excel at one thing and one thing only. Some places have spectacular views, but poor service, other venues have great food, but dilapidated facilities, others offers great decor but are located in difficult to access spots. Look for sites that have it all in the bag for the best results.

Linton Gardens wedding function center located on Australia’s famed central coast is just the place. With an established reputation for excellence in service and value, our friendly and professional staff is ready to answer all your questions and facilitate your journey on the challenges of planning the perfect wedding.

The Newley established Marquee can Cater for over 200 seated guests, Linton gardens offers a 6 Acres of Heritage listed Camelia Gardens, and a Quaint  Historic Chapel and 3 State of the Arts Different Sizes Functions Rooms


Tips to Keep Your Marriages Fun



I like to think of marriage as an investment, not in a monetary sense, but rather in human values. Marriage is an exploration of family, of the fascinatingly complex humanistic experience.

But, frequently, when exploring these rewarding experiences, for one reason or another, we fall into a rut. And in marriage, these ruts are dangerous because they often lead to routine, and routine almost invariably begets boredom.

And boredom, which is in truth a defense mechanism, deprives us of the ability to take care of our loved ones and foster their lives. In fact, unchallenged boredom can, and most likely will, destroy your family life, rob you of happiness and deprive you of a trove of treasures.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

Allow us to suggest you some strategies to fight boredom in marriage, making it fun instead, just as it was in the beginning when everything was new, beautiful and exciting.

Change your point of view

Right now you might be seeing your marriage as a chore, something made of repetitions, which force you to see the same thing over and over again. But this is just one way of seeing it. So change your point of view! What you now perceive as boredom and routine can be looked at as a continuous sense of security, a sense of safety made of love and consideration.

Do new things together

This is a must. Do the things you two used to do before marriage and stopped doing. Visit again, those places you used to walk through with tightly laced hands. Do new things, break old habits, be spontaneous: Turn off the TV, get off of the couch and hit the beach on a breezy night.

Do new things by yourself

If you are well, everything is well. Find a project that engages your cognitive abilities, a new hobby: maybe experimenting with painting, or homemade carpentry, or learning to play a musical instrument. A project like this will use your hands, intellect and attention, giving back satisfaction and fulfillment. Maybe the boredom wasn´t in your marriage, but just in your lack of interior renovation.

Don´t miss the forest for the trees

Remember, there was a reason or a bunch of them, you chose that person for a permanent bond. There are excellent chances those reasons are still valid, still there, despite, or perhaps because of, going through life´s struggles and difficulties. Remember those reasons; consider their values, evoke their worth. Discover again, what made you crazy about them in the first place.

Get Married Again!

Surprise your spouse with a marriage vow renewal ceremony! Or, even better, plan it together. Find a beautiful, romantic, place; hire the best staff to organize the event, and get together your family, friends, and loved ones.

Here at Linton Gardens, in the Central Coast of New South Wales, we´ll be delighted to help you fulfill that dream. We´ll get all our extensive experience and resources to work for you and your spouse assisting in your goal to make your marriage, and life, fun again.