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Before you even talk to a florist, think about your wedding. Does it have a theme? Colour schemes? Does either partner have a strong affinity for a particular flower? It helps to have a few ideas before approaching a florist. Then you can tell them what you want, instead of the florist telling you what you want.

Flowers are an important feature of most weddings, like for us here at Linton Gardens. As one of the Top Wedding reception in Central Coast most of the weddings that took part here uses flowers on the room and table decorations, the bride and bridesmaids carry beautifully arrange flowers when they walk down the aisle, and they are also worn on the lapel of each male wedding attendant, as well as the fathers of the bride and groom. Here are just a few things to consider before purchasing all your floral accessories.

Some floral tips

Decide what you need: a bouquet for the bride, at buttonhole or boutonniere for all male attendants, and a corsage for both mothers. You could also give the chief bridesmaid and bridesmaids a bouquet that is similar to but smaller and simpler than yours. If you have a flower girl, you may want to have a garland of flowers made for her hair. Lastly, any VIPs, musicians, and other wedding performers will look better with a single wedding flower on his or her collar.

What Floral Accessories should I use?

Generally, your floral accessories should be the same flowers (or herbs, or plants, or whatever else you’re using) as those you are using to decorate the venue. While most couples tend to rely on the same florist to create both the room decorations and the Wardrobe accessories, it isn’t uncommon to employ a special florist to arrange the bouquet, buttonholes, and any other floral wardrobe accessories. This includes creating corsages for the mothers, and floral garlands for the bride’s, bridesmaids’, or flower girl’s hair.

Do not use flowers that you, your partner, or someone in your wedding party is allergic to. Before deciding on any blooms, contact your attendants and other wedding party members and ask what, if anything, makes them sneeze.


When it comes to decorating your wedding party and your wedding space, flowers from a florist aren’t your only option. Here’s what else you could do:

If you’re lucky enough to have a flower stall at your local market, ask the florist what it would cost for enough flowers for your wedding and reception site, and your wedding party. Of course, you or a friend will be responsible for turning these flowers into gorgeous decorations, but many of the posies grown by flower farmers are so outstanding that it will take little work to make the blooms look good.

Consider growing the flowers needed. The great thing about this option is you can plant some of the more dramatic, harder-to-find blooms. Just be sure that they will be blossoming in time for your wedding!

If you yourself aren’t able to grow flowers for your wedding day — perhaps you don’t have a garden — ask friends and relatives who do have access to large gardens or allotments to plant and grow a variety of wild and meadow flowers. Don’t be tempted to pick wildflowers in the countryside though as this can carry a hefty fine.

 Wildflowers can make a simple yet elegant statement. However, most wilt more quickly than cultivated blooms. If you have other enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Linton Gardens today.

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