Cocktail Versus Sit Down Weddings

The Pros and Cons of a Cocktail Wedding vs Seated Wedding

You have to make so many decisions when wedding planning, one of the most interesting ones has to be whether you should go for a cocktail wedding or a seated one.

What’s the difference between the two? Well, a cocktail reception is much more relaxed as the guests will fill themselves up with appetizers and small bites (but at Linton Gardens, larger bites can be organised) throughout the reception. Whereas, a seated one feels more formal. 

But which one is best for your wedding? Read on to see the pros and cons of a cocktail reception and a seated reception. 

Cocktail Wedding Reception

If you are wishing for a relaxed and more comfortable vibe for you and your guests, you need to do a cocktail reception. It also gives you guests a chance to mingle and form connections, which is always a bonus. 

Pros of Cocktail Reception

Some of the pros of a cocktail reception that you need to consider would be as follows.

  • Perfect for a smaller wedding reception
  • Easier to invite more people as you don’t need assigned seating
  • Easier to circulate through the room and mingle
  • Cuts down costs as you don’t need a buffet or full meal
  • Easier to get creative with your food options 

Cons of Cocktail Reception

You might be thinking that the cocktail reception is beginning to look quite appealing. Not so fast. It does have some cons.

  • Could confuse your guests who have never attended a cocktail wedding
  • Could end up being more expensive especially if you choose a “drinks of consumption” package, since your guests might end up drinking more
  • Need to figure out additional seating spaces to accommodate guests and keep them comfortable

Cocktail Weddings Central Coast

Seated Wedding Reception

A seated wedding is a traditional way of doing things. It includes a 3-course dinner which is served either sitting down or buffet-style

Pros of Seated Reception

A majority of people getting married choose a seated wedding because it’s much easier to plan for. 

  • An easier way of treating and thanking your guests for coming
  • Furniture planning is much easier and less tricky
  • Everyone gets their food at the same time (making logistical planning easier)
  • Easier to spread out activities and events in between courses

Cons of Seated Reception

Even if this is the traditional way to go while wedding planning, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any cons. 

  • Require more servers and may be more expensive than a cocktail event
  • Accommodations will need to be made for vegans and vegetarians
  • Needs impeccable timing and a great caterer and event specialist who’s experienced at seated weddings, such as the team at Linton Gardens

Seated Wedding Reception

Cocktail Wedding or Seated Wedding? – Which One Will You Go For

If you are wedding planning right now, you may be weighing up the differences between a cocktail wedding and a seated wedding right now. 

Now that you see the pros and cons of a cocktail reception vs. a seated one, you will be able to make your decision more easily. 

If you’re searching for a premium central coast wedding and event venue, then Linton Gardens is here to serve all your wedding planning needs. Contact us today to inquire about their wedding packages.