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5 Tips to Save Money on Your Central Coast Wedding

Minimise Your Wedding Cost With These Tips   It’s been a challenging year, so it’s no wonder that many brides and grooms are considering affordable ways to have a Central Coast wedding of their dreams. We have five ways to ensure you can save money without compromising your vision for your special day: Invite the […]

How to Host a Small Wedding

Learn More About Small Wedding Preparations Smaller weddings are on the minds of brides and grooms, given the reality of Covid-restrictions. But the wonderful silver lining is that having a smaller wedding means you can spend more money focusing on the details that will elevate your wedding day into something truly spectacular. Linton Gardens is […]

Perfect Wedding Day Photography at Linton Gardens

Linton Gardens Offers One of The Best Central Coast Wedding Day Photography Your wedding day on the Central Coast is one you’ll never forget, and the photos taken on the day will bring you joy for the rest of your life. Whether you choose more formal photos or a reportage, natural style (or a combination […]

Small Weddings at Central Coast

Small Venue for Central Coast Weddings In a post-Covid environment, smaller weddings on the Central Coast have become an increasingly stylish and affordable option for many brides and grooms. Linton Gardens offers multiple spaces that are perfect for a more boutique celebration. The cosy, intimacy of small weddings means that you can have a truly […]

Central Coast Garden Weddings at Linton Gardens

  Garden Wedding and Cocktail Parties at Linton Gardens Central Coast Garden weddings provide a beautiful, natural backdrop for your wedding day. It’s an opportunity to use the flora and foliage as a canvas to create either a relaxed or sophisticated wedding day. Linton Gardens on the Central Coast is renowned for its 6-acre heritage […]

How To Plan Your Perfect Central Coast Wedding

Everything Your need for a Central Coast Wedding is Here!   The Central Coast region is a gorgeous mix of flora-filled hinterland, calm bays, pristine beaches, inviting inlets, and tranquil lakes.  It’s the ideal destination for your wedding, whether you live in nearby Sydney, Gosford or a far away land.  As the Central Coast’s premier […]

A few things no one told you about your wedding day

There won’t be enough time to do everything. In the quest for the perfect Central Coast wedding, it’s very easy to overthink just about everything that needs to be done. It doesn’t matter how well you plan, it’s always going to feel like there just isn’t enough time to do everything that needs to be […]

Floral Tips for your wedding in the Central Coast

Before you even talk to a florist, think about your wedding. Does it have a theme? Colour schemes? Does either partner have a strong affinity for a particular flower? It helps to have a few ideas before approaching a florist. Then you can tell them what you want, instead of the florist telling you what […]

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Present

Traditionally, wedding presents were intended to help the newly married couple set up a home together, they still serve the same purpose for many couples. If the couple has been living together for some time or it is a second wedding for one or both parties, choose your present accordingly rather than something practical, which […]

Tips for Organizing A Marquee Wedding.

Marquee weddings can give you a lot of flexibility in deciding where you want your reception and the style you want it to be.  Becoming increasingly popular, hosting your wedding in a marquee allows you the freedom to be creative and produce the best of both worlds – a cosy environment decorated in your style, […]